Spirits Of The Allen-Reids


Ernest Allen, Sr.

November 1, 1918
June 27, 1997

Maybelle Reid Allen

February 25, 1920
December 9, 2005

Wilnes Allen

November 3, 1923
February 16, 2007

Alberta Virginia Bouldin Blandin

July 3, 1902
September 2, 1989

Benella Harris Bouldin

July 14, 1921
January 25, 2013

Toni Brooks

April 3, 1947
March 30, 2013

Lottie Charbonnet Balugo Fields

November 12, 1925
July 17, 2010

Hazel Reid Huff

February 11, 1923
May 24, 2009

Florence Anita Lewis

February 16, 1916
November 12, 2005

Dorothy Marion Pete

February 28, 1914
October 10, 2005

Florence Evelyn Randle-Reid

August 19, 1935
November 28, 2008

Mel Reid

December 17, 1918
August 25, 1988

Willa Mae Sims

January 4, 1916
June 26, 1999



Maybelle Reid Allen (February 25, 1920 - December 9, 2005), Florence Reid Lewis (February 16, 1916 - November 13, 2005), Dorothy Reid Pete (February 28, 1914 - October 10, 2005)

In August of 2002, three of the four oldest surviving children of Tom Reid Sr. and Virginia (Jenny) Parker Reid of Berkeley, California posed for pictures at the first annual family reunion of the Descendants of Tom and Virginia Reid. All born in Berkeley, California, growing up in the same houses on Oregon and California Streets, none of the three sisters moved far away from home, each moving to Oakland after marriage and living within a small, loving circle of each other. Three years after this picture was taken, like three great trees falling, one after the other, in the middle of the forest, the Reids lost these three great giants in the family, the mothers of eight children and countless grandchildren and great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Dorothy passed in October at the age of 91, Florence passed almost exactly one month later, at the age of 89, and Maybelle passed almost one month after that at the age of 85. In three short months, the Reid Family lost 265 years of history, of love, of support, and of companionship almost as if, when the first one passed over, the others could not either bear being on this side without her, or saw her leading the way, and hurried on to follow on. We will miss them much, all three of them. The like of them shall not pass this way again.

November, 2007 Day of The Dead tribute

Tribute made to Aunt Maybelle Reid Allen by Tamaya Reid, daughter of David Reid, granddaughter of Mel Reid and Betty Reid Soskin. Tamaya often visited Aunt Maybelle when Maybelle's great-granddaughter, Aziza, was there. The text of the note inside the shrine reads:

Dear Maybelle,

I miss you because you had a story for everything. For an example, your dolls all had a story. I loved how beautiful they all are. I wish I had something to collect like you. Your house was so cool it was full of dolls. It was fun playing with your pool table even though me and my sister (and don't forget Aziza) did not know how to play. You always loved your dog Bengi. It was always fun to play with your James Brown doll and make him sing and dance.

I hope you don't forget the bird. It was funny when Aziza tried to take it out and it would flutter. Then she got scared we all laughed. Aziza always loved to watch the bird. I remember when you taught me and my sister manners. You loved being generous, letting me and my sister play with Aziza. You told us great stories of my grandfather Melvin Reid. It was cool to hear about him even though I never met him. I'm sad. We all mis you, Maybelle.

Love, Tamaya