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July 25, 2017

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The Healthlessness Of Homelessness

July 25, 2017

The good news is that Oakland appears to have finally turned our attention to the crisis of homelessness in the city.

The bad news is that the impetus for much of this new urgency to “do something” about “the problem” is an odd coalition of those who want to help the homeless and those who want to get rid of them, coalescing around a growing concern to eliminate those homeless camps and tent cities along our streets in our vacant fields and lots and frontage roads, either to eventually get their residents into shelters, first, and then permanent housing, or else to “get these devils hence,” to borrow from Cousin Matthew, either out of the city or just out of our sight.

But the fact is, even though the homeless camps and tent cities have only recently entered the consciousness of most Oakland residents, they are the product of complex social forces that have been building for decades, and continue to build and press against our social fabric. To try to get rid of these camps and tent cities is like trying to mop the water off the bathroom floor without turning off the faucet that caused the bathtub to overflow in the first place. You can mop all you want, the water will continue to flow until the tap is turned shut.

Unfortunately, the tap of social forces that created and continues to create more homeless in Oakland cannot be fixed by some simple twist of hand and metal. Absent a cataclysmic intervention by some major outside forces—such as the world war that put America to work and pulled its economy out of the Depression of the 1930’s—“ending” the forces that created Oakland’s current homeless crisis is going to take some thought, some careful planning, and more than a few decades of hard work that will certainly go past the lifetimes of many of the people reading this piece. [To Complete Column]