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The Danger Ahead
Following George W. Bush Into The Iraqi Abyss
December 26, 2003

Strom Thurmond's Kin
Class Acts From The Late Senator's Children...White And Black
December 19, 2003

The Kool-Aide Test
Angry Thoughts On The Takeover Of The Oakland Public Schools
December 12, 2003

Enemy At The Gates
The California Highway Patrol Takes After The Sideshows
December 5, 2003

Another High-Speed Police Chase Death In Oakland
November 28, 2003

Figuring FCMAT
Who Are These People, And What Gives Them The Right To Run Our Schools?
November 21, 2003

Billy Lockyer And The Sacramento Shakes
Odd Comments On The Road To The Governor's Seat
November 14, 2003

Concerning The Continuing American Dialogue On Race And Other Impertinent Affairs
Thomas Jefferson, Howard Dean, And White Men With Confederate Flags
November 7, 2003

Did Don Perata And Wilma Chan Orchestrate Any Challengers Out Of The District 9 State Senate Race?
October 31, 2003

Scooty Time
Our Government Running Around In Circles
October 24, 2003

Discussing (And Repenting) At Leisure
The New Governor's Ballot Plans, And The Affair Of The Fifteen Women (Continued)
October 17, 2003

Uphill All The Way
What Confronts Mr. Schwarzenegger
October 10, 2003

The Demo Recall Blues
Four Ways That The Democrats Screwed Up The Gubernatorial Race (And The Race Ain't Even Over Yet)
October 3, 2003

Oakland's Murderous Summer
And No Bright Solutions
September 26, 2003

While Cruzing Through Oakland
A Question Not Asked, Another Question Ducked, By The Lieutenant Governor
September 19, 2003

Sharing Our Mayor
A Pragrmatic Solution To Oakland's Neighborhood Problems
September 12, 2003

Color Unconsciousness
Thoughts On Ward Connerly's Proposition 54
September 5, 2003

California Crazy
Thoughts In The Middle Of The Recall
August 29, 2003

The Need For Speed
Ins And Outs Of Our Addicition To Fast Driving
August 22, 2003

The East Bay Express Gary Coleman For Governor Issue
A Failed Attempt At Humor
August 15, 2003

Another High-Speed Police Chase Crash
Another Familiar Oakland Police Department Story
August 8, 2003

On Win-Winning And Milking
Mayor Brown Reveals Much (Too Much?) In Bar Association Speech
August 1, 2003

Countering Gray's Lunacy
Towards A Progressive Choice On Gubernatorial Recall Day
July 25, 2003

Entering The Dissemblation Nation
The Bush Administration's Deceipt on Iraqi Nuclear Weapons
July 18, 2003

Preserving Preservation
A Plan For Downtown Development
July 11, 2003

The Mysterious Maneuvers Of Mayor Brown
Robert Bobb's Gone, And What About Harry Edwards?
July 4, 2003

Finding The Non-Alternative
Sideshow Dilemma Needs New Approach
June 27, 2003

Who Cries For Oakland?
State Took Over Oakland Schools In Haste
June 20, 2003

Making An Argument
Alice Arts Center Deflects Mayor's Attack
June 13, 2003

Curbing The High-Flying Police
The Gathering Legislation Against High-Speed Police Auto Chases
June 6, 2003

Jerry Brown's No Caped Crusader
The Mayor's State Attorney General Credentials
May 30, 2003

One Child Who Don't Go Down So Easy
Chan Bucks Perata In State Senate Race
May 23, 2003

Waiting For The Facts
What Caused The Death Of Breeonna Mobley?
May 16, 2003

None So Blind As...
Alice Arts And The Mayor Who Does Not See
May 9, 2003

A People Of Starts
Literature, Americans, And The War In Iraq
May 2, 2003

Suspicious Minds
What Was Senator Perata's Role In The State Takeover Of The Oakland Schools?
April 25, 2003

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